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My name is Ekaterina.

I was born in Moscow. I live in Montenegro.



The course "Fashion Artist" at Moscow design college.

The course "Graphic Design" at the Moscow Institute of Design

The course "History of Art" at Stroganov art-academy

Tatiana Liberman`s The "Art Photo" at Rodchenko Art School


Participated in photo exhibitions

2012 - Photo exhibition in the Central House of Artists - 3rd place in the art-project “Generation  XX centure”

2013 – Contemporary art exhibition "My most important case" in the Manezh exhibition-room.

2013 - Personal exhibition in the gallery "180sq.m" 

2015 - "TODAY 23/06 #очемвытолькодумали?'' ART-GALLERY К35

2018Personal exhibition in the Museum of the Town of Perast. Montenegro


I took up photography by chance. I found my father`s old camera Zenit ET. Some photographers I knew offered me to use black and white film. And from that moment I have been in love with photography. Most of all I like to take pictures of something that others do not see. This reflects my own world of illusions and fantasies. And of course it is always interesting to make psychological portraits of people. I often like to catch the essence of men, their characters. I like to see the final result after I process photos on my computer. Now I use a digital camera in most cases. I invite you to collaborative projects.